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Fr. Schälchli mit dem Logo der WWMG 2020

At the WWMG 2020

There was an incredibly great and friendly atmosphere at the opening ceremony for the 3rd Winter World Master Games in Innsbruck. Over 3000 athletes in the age group over 30 met there.

LACOS und Xpert-Timer

User-friendly software – happy users

Mit dem EuGH-Urteil vom Mai 2019 sind Arbeitgeber künftig verpflichtet, die Arbeitszeiten ihrer Mitarbeiter zu dokumentieren. Diese Entscheidung wird auch im deutschen Arbeitsmarkt Auswirkungen haben.

Xpert-Timer und NEWLITE IT-Systemhaus

Xpert-Timer was ahead

When searching for the ideal project time tracking software for our requirements, the website of Xpert-Timer already stood out with a very professional and tidy structure...

Xpert-Timer und Grafikdesigner Valentin Koch

Perfect software for freelancers

When I started my freelance work as a graphic designer, I asked myself how much time I actually spend on certain services, such as the creation of an illustration. How much time is involved in the individual work steps until completion und Xpert-Timer

Xpert-Timer puts an end to paperwork

After trying out different software solutions, the Xpert-Timer emerged as the perfect program for project time recording. The decisive factor for me as an external data protection officer was that the Xpert-Timer runs locally on my own computer....